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Episode 7 of A Pitcher Full!

Ayman Mukerji Househam is a speaker at TEDxNYU 2018 on the topic of mindfulness and its health benefits. She has also co authored two research publications with Deepak Chopra on "The Effects of Stress and Meditation on the Immune System, Human Microbiota, and Epigenetics", and "The Effects of Stress and Meditation on the Neuro-Immune System Epigenetics and Human Microbiota."

In this episode, I speak to Ayman  about her life and journey to experience and then study the healing powers of Meditation.  She tell us about how stress causes inflammation and literal holes in the body (like in the gut) and how meditation can help the body to produce enzymes that turn down the inflammation and heal our bodies. 

Ayman is a mindfulness teacher, neuroscience researcher with NYU Langone Medical School and therapist-in-training at NYU. Her work focuses on the mindfulness for children, caregivers and the elderly. Ayman’s publications show the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice on the brain. Her research on the neuroimmunological and gut microbial changes associated with a stress free life are being published by the Advances in Mind-Body Medicine journal. Ayman has worked with pediatric patients with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD, a topic she elaborates on in her book chapter. Her approach towards building mindful families blends mindfulness techniques of the East with parent-child-interaction therapy of the West.

Join her on 3/11, this Sunday, for a parent-child mindfulness workshop at the Rubin Museum of Art.

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