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Virtual Lactation Support

Example of Virtual Support 
by Francie Webb of Go Milk Yourself

Why Virtual?

As a postpartum doula and mother with experience in observing and providing in person lactation support, I was skeptical about the efficacy of virtual support.  However, I was frustrated at the lack of lactation support in many areas of our country and my inability to get to parents in need of support. 


After observing Francie Webb from "Go Milk Yourself" successfully support clients virtually and seeing how her method enables more people to reach their lactation goals more comfortably, I decided to train with her and have been blown away at how big of a difference virtual support makes in my clients' feeding journeys.  

What support looks like. 

Customized care for your unique needs. 

Whether we are beginning  continual support or are meeting  to work on an acute challenge or specific goal, we will start with a comprehensive intake of your unique situation.   We will speak about your history, body, knowledge, your baby and what your life looks like currently and moving forward.  We will work out what your goals and needs are and make a plan to move forward.  I will observe feeding and make recommendations for changes in position, latching techniques, feeding schedules, and any practitioners that may be of further help (like pediatric dentist, body workers etc).  

Most people with latch challenges see a difference 

You will walk away from each session with a better understanding of your feeding situation, helpful information, and a plan that will empower you to make needed changes. You will have the ability to reach out after our session via email, text, and phone if you have questions or something comes up. 

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