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About Ashlie

Hi, I'm Ashlie.


Full Spectrum Doula, Wellness coach, Parent Coach & Lactation Support

In my 20s, I was told I would not be able to conceive and carry a child full term due to some health challenges.   A health coach helped me make changes, centered around food and lifestyle, to improve my health and fertility and I conceived and birthed the first of three children.    This process opened my eyes to our ability to heal and lead me to become a health and wellness coach to support perinatal health. 


With the help of doulas,  my three births were empowering, healing, and transformative.

I became a doula to help other families experience their pregnancies, births  and postpartum times in a way that feels supportive of their specific needs and wants and opens them to the transformative possibilities this time in life holds. 

I live in Woodstock, NY and NYC with my husband and  three children.    I am on a constant journey to learn and grow and enjoy many modalities to facilitate this.  Each one has given me more skills and info to help my clients. 


Trainings and Certifications

Board certified in the United States by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches

Lactation Training by 


First Degree Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

Certified Full Spectrum Doula with

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Nature Tokens

About Danielle

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Hi, I'm Danielle.


Birth & Postpartum Doula, Lactation Support, Sleep Support  

I am a birth nerd, birth rights advocate and mother to 3 beautiful kids- with their births and breastfeeding journeys uniquely theirs. Having such different experiences with my children has only enhanced and added to my real-life experience that I can pass on to my clients. I have lived in the Hudson Valley area most of my life & am married to my high school sweetheart. When I am not supporting families or cuddling babies, you can always find me hiking near New Windsor, spending time at our barn on 60 acres in Bloomingrove, NY & going on adventures all over Orange & Ulster County with my 3 wild ones.

Trainings and Certifications

-Madriella Birth Doula Certified
-Madrielle Postpartum Doula Certified
​-Birth Day Presence Certified Lactation Support Counselor
-Center for Pediatric Sleep Management Certified Sleep Consultant
-ToLabor Trained Birth Doula
​-Trained IPPA Placenta Encapsulation
​-Trained Birth Arts International Childbirth Educator
-HypnoBabies Doula
​- Madrielle Breastfeeding Educator (In Progress)

Nature Tokens

About Lilly

doula photo PNG.png
Hi, I'm Lilly.


Full Spectrum Doula  

My interest in birth began as a teen while supporting my mother through a challenging pregnancy with my youngest sister. After moving to Woodstock in 2019, I was drawn back to birth in a different way while shepherding and tending to birthing ewes on our farm. I was moved by the experience and it provided a reminder of my long held interest in birth.


I trained as a full spectrum doula with Doula Trainings International. Since graduating from Cornell University in 2018, where I studied infant and child development, I have enjoyed working with parents and babies as a caregiver for the past five years.


I provide support and care to women and birthing people throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys with the belief that they hold the knowledge on what is right for them and their family. 


I live with my husband on a small organic meat and vegetable farm in Woodstock NY. I aim to provide nourishing support, both physically and emotionally, to families. This includes using wholesome farm fresh ingredients to create meals tailored to postpartum recovery. 

About Danielle

Trainings and Certifications


Full Spectrum Doula training with

Nature Tokens

Our Service Area

Between the three of us we cover the following areas for services. 

Travels To For Births:​

Northern Dutchess Hospital Rhinebeck

NYNYP-HVHC Cortland Manor

NY Vassar Brothers Medical Center Poughkeepsie NY

Home births within 30 miles of New Windsor or 30 miles of Woodstock

for specific circumstances will consider Albany Med or St. Peters and Berdette Birth Center

Travels To For Postpartum:​

Cold Spring
​Cortland Manor
New Windsor
West Point
and surrounding areas

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