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Visioning for the New Year

Each January, we get a shiny new year without any dings or baggage or grime if we so choose.  We get to decide what will serve us in the new year and beyond and what is no longer working for us. In reality, this can be done every day, hour and moment, but the new year is a significant opportunity for many to take a breath and begin again.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide what we want in the future and what will serve us on our journey to reach our goals and dreams.  Having a clear vision of where you are going can help to clarify your path. Here are four ways to see your vision and the tools you will need. 

Visualization Meditation: This can be done with either a guided meditation, or a self directed meditation with the intention of seeing your life where you want it to be.  These meditations often start with relaxation and a detachment from distractions and everyday todo lists and obligations. Once the mind is relaxed and present, the meditation is directed towards seeing your life as you want it to be, without limitations, as if all your goals, wants, and dreams are reality.  The more detail you can see, the better.  Once this vision is in place, often the steps needed to get to that vision and the tools you will need are clear.  Here is a great article on how to do self guided visualization.  Many audio for guided meditations, like this one , can be found online.