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Classes and Groups

Newborn Baby
New Baby Group

Wednesdays 11-12:45

An opportunity for those who have had a new baby in the last year or so (whether it is your 1st or 10th!) to connect and support each other. Held in person in Woodstock, NY  and on zoom. Contact me at for address or zoom link. 

Thriving in the Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Planning and Wellness Course. In Person.

I co teach this class monthly with a colleague from Beloved Birth and Baby. Click Here to register.

Topics include:

  • What is the 4th trimester

  • Relationship and Household changes with workshop session to problem solve.

  • Birthing parenting- healing , baby blues, body changes and more

  • Finding support and how your partner can best support you

  • Nutritional considerations for healing

  • Newborn care basics

    • bathing, dressing, wearing, swaddling and more

  • The “5 S’s” and how to use them​

  • Q & A with postpartum doula, certified lactation support counselor & pediatric sleep counselor Danielle Bianco, owner of Beloved Birth & Baby and postpartum doula & lactation support Ashlie Yair, owner of GreatFull Wellness

Also included in this class is a digital workbook that is over 70 pages containing all you need to help your postpartum period.

  • Navigating the 4th trimester: social, emotional, household & relationship changes 

  • Creating a postpartum plan: identify your needs, prioritize your goals and develop a plan to better care for yourself. 

  • Lactation 101: a guide to answer your questions around breastfeeding and where to find resources. 

  • Detailed tracker for breastfeeding, pumping and bottles for the 1st 14 days.

  • Newborn care 101: a quick reference guide to help navigate all things newborn. 

  • Bonus postpartum recipes and coloring pages 

Investment: $149.99

Happy Family
Lesbian Couple with Baby
Empowering Parenthood: Navigating Newborns for Neurodivergent Parents. On Zoom

I co teach this class with a colleague from Beloved Birth and Baby. Click Here to register.

Open to all expecting or new parents who identify as Neurodivergent. If there are 2 parents, we recommend both parents take this course together.
In this one hour workshop Doulas Ashlie Yair & Danielle Bianco will cover:

  • Discussing executive function and systemize care needed

  • Curetted list of what is really important to focus on before baby is here

  • Managing self care & decompression time

  • Identify sensory needs and challenges

  • Focusing on strengths and how that relates to parenting

  • Controlling social expectations: in person and online

  • Developing resources list online and in person

  • Considering nutritional needs

  • And more

A Q&A will be held after the workshop.

Investment: $50

Cooking wiith Grandma
How to be the best postpartum support for your loved one. 

This class is given over zoom privately and scheduled via email.

Open to all people planning to support a family member or a friend in their postpartum phase. 
In this one hour workshop Doula Ashlie Yair will discuss and tech the following:

  • Top tasks to execute each day.

  • Current best practices and information around feeding. (Things have changed!)

  • Current best practices and information around newborn care. 

  • How to engage and speak to someone in their postpartum time.

  • When to offer suggestions and when to give space. 

  • Establishing boundaries with all parties. 

  • Understanding expectations and how all parties can communicate them. 

  • Helpful foods to prepare. 

Investment: $100

Postpartum Support Class
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