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Episode 5 of A Pitcher Full!

Sondra Stewart calls herself a relationship Sherpa as she describes her role in helping others in the process to transform themselves to be able to have better relationships. Sondra found her way to to experiencing better relationships through meditation and mindfulness, and finding wisdom by training in India. She tells us of her revealing valentines project that helps women understand themselves and how they are communicating (or not communicating) and how changing that can make all the difference.

Sondra's Website can be found here. Register here for her weekly Relationship Zoom call sessions.

A little note about this episode. After recording this conversation, I thought a lot about the singular perspective. This conversation is between two cisgender women speaking about relationships with cisgender men. I want to acknowledge that, though I feel that MANY of the concepts are true for all people, types of relationships, and situations, we did not use language to express that.

I would like to be better at navigating a more inclusive mindset with conversations like these and I need help. Sondra and I would love to hear from listeners on how to have conversations like these and be mindful and inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. I don't feel I can speak FOR anyone but myself, but would like to be accurate and respectful when speaking about others.

Much of the knowledge behind the conversation comes from experience and study of cisgender, heterosexual relationships, so I feel conflicted on how or if to speak about people or relationships that do not fit in that narrow category, as I do not enough knowledge beyond that scope and, in this case, neither did my guest (for now). Please help me by reaching out and helping to navigate how to both be inclusive and respectful of my own limitations.

We would love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts and comments and send us any ideas you may have for a story or guests for the show.

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