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Episode One of A Pitcher Full!

I am so excited to have completed my first episode of my new Podcast, "A Pitcher Full" a podcast about how we fill up our "wellness cup", Borrowing a concept from Saun Achor for positive psycology, it isn't about the cup being half empty or half full, its about pouring from the pitcher that is sitting next to the glass.

In this our FIRST Episode of “A Pitcher Full” we are speaking to Katey Pettengill from @motherhoodismyrevolution about her ongoing healing journey from autoimmune disease, depression, and general dis-ease. Katey has used nutrition, lifestyle change, mindfulness, self care, and alternative medicine to bring herself closer and closer to her wellness goals. Katey tells us about her ups and downs and surprises along the way and offers great tips for those on their own journey.

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