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I offer both wellness coaching services and doula services.  My education in both of these roles serves the other.  Please read below for a brief understanding of each. 

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching provides support, structure, accountability, and information to help each individual achieve their wellness goals. 

This will look differently for each client but may look like any of the following. 

-Weekly or bi weekly meetings to go over goals or health challenges and create action steps together.  

-Email and Text support in between meetings. 

-Providing educational or services resources to help meet goals. 

-Meal Planning, shopping, and light cooking education. 

Doula Services

To summarize, a doula is an informed support person for the phases of life that are involved in creating  or attempting to create new humans.  These phases generally span from preparing a body to be pregnant through postpartum and everything in between. This work also involves supporting people who have challenges in each of these phases or who are experiencing an end to pregnancy with or without choosing to do so. 

Doula Support Phases

Reproductive Health Doula

A combination of doula and wellness coaching.  I will support you by holding space to hear about any of your reproductive health and fertility concerns and walk you through possibilities and options for your specific needs and goals.  I will  also guide you and support you through executing wellness changes you may choose to make. 

This may look like but is not limited to changes to get and stay pregnant, regulating cycle, postpartum hormonal swings, and sexual wellness pre and postpartum. 

Antepartum Doula

Often a support for high-risk or difficult pregnancy. Support will look differently for each client. If someone is on bed rest, support may look like cooking meals, light housework, helping organize things for the new baby, navigating culturally appropriate resources, attending appointments and, most importantly, providing emotional and informational support, and advocacy.  If someone is experiencing trauma in their antepartum time, this support may look more like holding space for emotional expression and offering some helpful modalities to handle stress and anxiety. 

Birth Doula 

Continuous emotional and physical support, counseling, and information through pregnancy, the birth process, and postpartum.  The support is oriented around helping you to have the birth that you want and need through information, advocacy, and targeted modalities that ease the emotional and physical experiences of the birth process.  This support may be in tandem with a partner's support or as the primary birth support person. 


Postpartum Doula 

Postpartum doula care looks like assistance with self care options, healing from c-section, traumatic birth, light housework, light meals, newborn care, sleep habits, infant feeding issues and solutions, nutritional guidance, and a comforting ear as  you transition into parenthood.  My postpartum care is informed by my integrative health understanding of the nutritional and emotional support needed to help in healing after birth and for  lactation support. 

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