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My postpartum services are unique in that, along with other services, I use my integrative wellness experience. I include meal planning and preparation for nourishing food to support recovery from birth, milk production, and managing life with sleep disruption.


This package includes one prenatal meeting, meal plan, referal to recomended classes and other resources, pre parent coaching,  and four weeks of unlimited text, phone, and email support up to 4 weeks after baby is born. 


Support Categories include:

Feeding support

Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth

Creating a plan for how the follwoign will be exectured:

Light housekeeping

Running errands

Assistance with newborn care such as diapering, bathing, feeding and comforting

Light meal preparation


Education on: 


Baby soothing techniques

Relationship Challenges

Household organization for caring for a baby

Virtual 4 Weeks Postpartum Support