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Once baby is home, the real journey begins. In this 2-3 hour in person workshop, we will go over all the things you need to know, prepare for, obtain, and create in order to keep baby and you alive and well. We will go over expectations for and how tos of feeding, diapering, sleep, emotional challenges, healing from birth, relationships and much more. This includes a lactation 101 portion, and relationship and household planning portion.

Before class, you will get worksheets with questions that will help you to think forward into your postpartum period for what you need to do now to set yourself up to be as healthy and happy as possible.

During class we will dedicate a portion of our time together to work on relationship strength and development that will carry you through the beginning of your parenthood.


You will also receive pdf cheat sheets for common things that people wonder "is this normal" or "x happened, what do I do now?".


We will have ample time for Q and A for specific unique situations.


Price per family.

Private Postpartum Prep Workshop In Person

  • My most valuable credentials are what I have acquired through carrying, birthing, and parenting my three children and all the challenges and circumstances navigated through that process. 

    My professional training includes  Doula Training International"s Full Spectrum Doula training program, a comprehensive year long educational course and mentorship program.   

    Additionally, I am a Nationally Board certified Health and Wellness coach. 

    I am currently in training to become a Certified Lactation Counselor. 

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