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With lactation, as with any new practice, having a trusted guide and supporter can create a more beneficial experience.   With continuous Lactation Support, we will create solutions, systems, and more ease together for your specific needs.   Every person's situation, body and baby are unique and a combination of education and supported experience will set the foundation of a confident independent practice. 


This package includes four weeks of continuous lactation support. 

1.  Initial intake meeting to get all the facts we are working with. 

2. Initial 1 hour lactation session to latch baby and talk about scenarios and choices. 

3. 3, 30 minute follow up sessions. 

4. Email and text support on an as needed basis. 

Continuous Lactation Support (6 weeks)

  • My initial lactation training began with nursing my three children.  Each child had their own challenges, lessons, and solutions along the way.  I spent countless hours going to lactation support groups, meeting with lactation professionals and finding my way each time.  

    My professional lactation training includes that included in Doula Training International"s Full Spectrum Doula training program, a comprehensive year long educational course and mentorship program.   

    Additionally, I have trained under Francie Webb, a lactation specialist, in her unique practical approach to establishing, maintaining, supporting, and solution finding for the length of a person's lactation journey.  This approach pulls from multiple philosophies, theories, and practical applications to lactation feeding. 

    I am currently in training to become a Certified Lactation Counselor.