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This package is ideal for those who have been through the birth process before, or have a clear understanding of the birthing process and have a strong emotional support system and feel settled and ready for welcoming their new baby. 


Brief Package Description:

-Text, Email, and phone support from signing of contract through 1 week after birth. 

-One Prenatal Session

-In person birth support at your birth place.

-Support in your birth place through 1-2 hours after birth. 

-Initial Lactation support at your birth place and through 1 week after birth

-One Postpartum Visit


Detailed Description:

Once you have decided to hire me for your birth, I will be there to answer questions over text or have quick conversations around anything that comes up between signing the contract and 1 week postpartum. 


One prenatal visits. 

This visit will allow me to get to know and understand everyone who will be involved in the birthing process . We will also go over what to consider when envisioning what birth may look like for you.  This  is a great opportunity for you to share any desires, concerns, or thoughts you may have about the rest of your pregnancy and birth. 


We will practice physical relief and progression techniques.  I will guide you through thinking through as many details as possible to set you up to be as confident as possible during your birthing time,


Continuous Birth Support

I will be on call and available to be with you once your birthing process begins.  I will support you over the phone until you are ready to go to your birth place (if not at home).  I will join you at your birth place. I will stay and support you through the birth of the baby and 1-2 hours after birth. After birth I will help with latching baby if desired, grounding you from your birth experience, and creating a nice transition into recovery.


One Postpartum Visits. 

The visit will be within 2 weeks of birth depending on each situation. I will come by to check in and hold space for you around processing your birth, what is going on with baby, light lactation assistance, and anything else you may need help with in that moment.  This visit will last about 1.5-2 hours. 





Foundations Birth Support Package