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The first year or so of having a new child in your family presents many oppertunities for the family to grow and strenthen.  Once the newborn phase is over, dynamics change, logitics become more complicated, and your child's physical and emotional needs change every month or so.  


The core relationship of the family between the adults often benefits from support during this transition. 


In this 6 month program, each family gets 2, one hour, coaching sessions (via zoom) per month.  Each coaching session will be tailored around the current challenges each family is navigating at the moment.  After each session, you will  be provided with a customized plan for reaching your goals along with recomendations and referrals for other resources. 


In between coaching sessions, each family will have email, text, and phone support for the little things that pop up along the way. 


Support Categories include:

Feeding and Sleeping Schedule Changes

Transitions back to work

Managing Household

Household Finances

Ever Chaning Developmental Needs of Child

Hireing and managing childcare

Emotional changes of birthing parent 




6 Months Ongoing Parent/Family Coaching